Spending gems Clash Royale

Although we get gems in chests Clash Royale, if you want to get in abundance will have to checkout and is not exactly cheap. In this article, we will tell you how to spend gems Clash Royale . There are ways and ways to spend it better or worse, we will tell you some ways based on our experience with the game, and since January, since its launch. Clash Royale Cheats

We take this opportunity to tell you that you have very careful with apps that give free gems to Clash Royale , tend to trap like this app.

Spending gems Clash Royale

Gems can really spend them in many ways: To open chests (recommended) . As you know chests follow a succession. We recommend that if you invest in the gems open chests of silver for example to go by accelerating the list of chests, so you will before giant, supermágico and others. In proportion will be cheaper than if you buy in the store. It’s a trick that works well for medium to tease out chests and chests to get in battles. So you get more secured cards. Buying chests . You can buy boxes, although usually quite expensive when you move a lot. For gold . We do not recommend this a lot, because it is easier sometimes get 1,000 gold 60 gems. But if you need it for an emergency, you can do that nothing happens. However it does not overdo much of this is not usually compensate. Special offers . Now we have special offers in Clash Royale and we can get legendary / + bucket epic gems and coins super cheap wagon chests. I recommend these special offers. I’ve already bought one. How do you spend gems?

These are the most common uses of gems in Clash Royale. I use them mostly to clear the site of the chests and I’m doing pretty well. In addition I get so many letters. I also like the new special offers are great. I recommend it to you!

Tip: save gems whenever you can orekse get free clash royale gems