Aggressive behavior of lightweights - even small dogs want to be taken seriously!

Already in previous posts I explained why subordination, ranking and dominance have nothing, absolutely nothing, to look for in dog training - even less in the case of aggression: Aggression? Why submission / obedience is the wrong way … Visit to the vet - about subordinate garbage, dog training and, Hansi the undead aggression and Red Zone dogsThe little Maltese mix Maxi is lucky in bad luck: Unfavorably grown, got to know nothing and some changes of ownership later he is finally taken seriously: He has found people who want him to lead a full and happy life - and who also do something for it. dog food advisor Maxi shows some problematic behaviors because of his past. Maxi and many other small dogs do not do that for fun - even though they may be kept on a leash with the little finger: barking people, chasing after them, barking, twirling cyclists, skaters, etc, hunt, tweaking especially bigger dogs barking, snapping off, tweaking away with toys - defending toys etc etc … etc Sometimes the idea is very bizarre that hardly anyone would find a 30kg dog funny, the one (mostly anyway) of the shows above listed behaviors. However, annoying about these amusements on the backs of helpless creatures does not help, I’m glad about the progress that Maxi already makes after the second practice session. :-) And all non-violent, reward-based, needs-oriented - through positive reinforcement via clicker or marker. :-) Maxi learns that cyclists are not a threat and that they are not huntable subjects … :-) Even jogging people Maxi now learns to see “with different eyes” … :-) People who move strangely or hold something in the hand, Maxi finds threatening. Mum learns how to teach Maxi a strategy other than Attack is the Best Defense. :-) So the walk is fun - Maxi grins all over his face! :-) And here are the videos :-)