Retrieving information from a server without page refresh is one of the basic concepts of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML). In practice, quite complicated if you have to build a website with the concept of AJAX, now many special libraries that try to make it easier. JQuery is one of them. Simplify the usual Javascript writing. JQuery’s motto is “Write less, do more” or in other words simplicity in code writing, but it produces more views. Actually this is the main attraction for web developers to use JQuery. JQuery’s official website can be accessed at And the JQuery library can be downloaded at Available jQuery library in 2 (two) types that is minified and uncompressed. Minified if we want to use it in our website (size 18 KB), while uncompressed if we are eager to participate in developing jQuery code.

Bali Web Design - First, we must include (include) the JQuery library file. Make sure the location of the library file is correct. The JQuery commands. Line 8 is an initialization command where when the page (document) is ready to be displayed then execute commands in it as well. This is similar to the onLoad event that is usually placed in the tag. Line 9-11 means to define an action that occurs when a link with class = show ($ (’')) is clicked (see line 22). So if the link is clicked then a paragraph with the name class = jquery ($ (‘p.jquery’)) will appear with the duration showing “slow”. The paragraphs to be displayed are paragraphs of lines 24 to 27.

Line 13-15 instead, will hide the contents of the paragraph containing the name class = jquery. The contents of the page. Note the class name of each object. Reference: Jonathan Chaffer, Karl Swedberg, Learning JQuery, Packt Publishing, 2007. Domain is a unique name that is used as a substitute for a series of identity numbers in a network called IP Address. With the domain then a web address / blog easily known and remembered by visitors. On the other hand, a domain is a trademark in the internet world so we as owners have to find the right name to be easily remembered by visitors and of course in accordance with the contents of the web / blog. example for hotel name, company or office name even personal name.

Some considerations in choosing a domain are: Make name that is identical with the owner or the contents of the web / blog. Eg for online shirt store you can give the name of shirt-pretty, shop-shirts, shirts-cheap and others. Brief, clear and easy to remember. Do not make domains more than 3 words, try as in the first point. Avoid naming such as online-cheap-gaming stores, or office-government-city-namakota because this is very troublesome.