Every day there are more players Pokémon Go through the streets in search of creatures. The authorities and various organizations have been commissioned to alert users of any problems that may lead to addiction to this ‘app’ and the possible risks of ensimismarse as we walk looking at the screen.

One of the reasons that the game has become so fashionable is by mixing fact and fiction and also because Niantic designed an easy and intuitive interface, the same as that already used for his title ’ Ingress ’ more than two years. However, there is much information and are the same players who have to discover how to advance the story and learn little tricks to enhance the gaming experience. Here are some tips and tricks :

  1. Pikachu, I choose you!

As in the first installment of Pokémon console, 20 years ago, the adventure begins when given a choice between three initial pokémon : Bulbasaur , of plant type, Charmander , fire type, and Squirtle , water type.

What some will not know is that there is another possible initial pokémon in the game. As in Pokémon Gold or television series, the famous Pikachu can become our first partner.

To do this, when they appear on screen the three initials, and we start walking away from them. Soon, they will reappear on our way and the procedure is the same: go long . We do it up to three times and finally we will find Pikachu and we can catch him.

However, it is important to note that the initials pokémon are considered rare, ie it is difficult to find throughout the game. So this decision must be taken very seriously.


The most essential thing to understand its operation is the use of geolocation. This lets you put the player in the exact spot of the globe, just as also distributed to the various creatures by the environment so we move through the streets in search pokémon.

Along the way find ’ Poképaradas ’ and ’ Clubs ’ which are in places of interest , from monuments, buildings of architectural beauty or curious elements (such as graphite). This will allow us to better understand our own environment and, at the same time serve to us to store Pokéballs (necessary to catch these creatures) and medicines that are very useful to revitalize our pokémon after competing in a battle, which take place in the ‘Clubs’.

No Pokéballs or medicines you can not capture pokémon and fight for what ‘Poképaradas’ daily should look for if you want stagnate.

  1. Get all OFTEN

The basis of the game is to catch Pokemon, not only because we fulfill the mission of getting the 150 creatures available but because it will allow us to move faster in the game.

Capture double is no nonsense. We give you experience points (to level up and unlock new options and objects) plus ’ star dust ’ and ’ candy ’ we need to increase the power of our pokémon and make them evolve .

In addition, all those who have repeated can be transferred and in return, we will be given more candy as a bonus.


Taking a Pokéball to capture pokémon go hack is one of the most iconic images of the game. It depends on how we do, we can get an extra experience points and more rewards once we have the new creature in our possession.

It depends on the strength with which we launch or if we pull effect ( ’ curve ball '), for example, if we wave the Pokéball before throwing it away and got to hit the target, we will have these rewards.

Another method is to pay attention to the target color that appears on the pokémon when we take the Pokéball. It is represented by a circle that can have different colors depending on the rarity and capture rate (green, tantamount to a common and easy pokémon to catch; yellow means that the difficulty is moderate, the red represents the maximum difficulty and that this pokémon rare it could resist being trapped, needing several attempts). When this circle is narrowed, it will be easier to catch but, on the contrary, if we throw the ball when it is broader get more points, but the creature could escape, a risk that may be worth running to add more excitement to the game .


The dynamics of the game seems to show that the appearance of these creatures answered reasons somewhat random . Neither Nintendo nor Niantic have tried to explain how the work distribution system pokémon the map beyond that there are areas where rate is more typical to find depending on which types. Near water, such as lakes or on the beach , water more easily find pokémon and in parks or forests , crawly creatures or plant type. As for the pokémon ghost type, these only can find them at night .

To help us search and show that there is always to catch creatures around us, the game features a radar. This image shows pokémon (or if you do not have silhouette still on our team) and how far is represented by a few steps. Three steps means that you are away but in our area, and as we get closer, the number of steps is reduced. If we pay attention to this, we will find it somewhat easier to find a Pokemon although it is a more accurate method intuitive.


The grace of this game augmented reality is going outside to catch new pokémon go hack , but many users annoys them found in their area constant at the same creatures manner and be forced to travel from one end to the city to complete the collection.

In this regard, there is the option to catch pokémon without leaving home and be completely random. Among the many items you can find throughout the game, 'you need incense '. This will serve to attract different pokémon for half an hour wherever you are and no matter what do not move. However, it is much more effective if used while walking, in fact, the algorithm of the game makes the player the faster, more Pokemon appear to move.

Unfortunately, incense can only be achieved with real money (making micropayments within the application) or, on time, as a gift for level up.


Eevee is one of many pokémon that everyone wants to capture. In itself, it is a creature that looks like an adorable brown fox, but his real interest lies in its powerful trends: jolteon , Vaporeon and flareon .

In the game console you could decide what final form we wished, but we can not control Go Pokémon. However, we can force the result. In the series they appeared three brothers and each had a different evolution this pokémon. If we name the eevee according to these brothers, the creature will evolve to pokémon they possessed in particular. So Sparky is the name we give to obtain a jolteon, Pyro to make us a flareon and finally Rainer if we want a Vaporeon. With this trick is not necessary that players have to repeat the madness that took place a few days ago in Central Park because of the aquatic evolution of eevee.


Niantic is working to improve consumer battery for future updates, but for now we can select the option ’ battery saver’ within the ‘Options’ game, which can be used to save up to 10% this expenditure without the gameplay is affected.

To avoid excessive data consumption, we can download the map of the area and use it in ‘offline’ mode . Pokémon Go makes direct use of Google Maps to work, so we can access the application from Google and getting off the map of our area and avoid giving a bite to the data rate and, incidentally, also on drums to play more time.

To do this , access the menu and select Google Maps ’ offline areas '. We add our area and select the area that we want to keep. Once downloaded, Go Pokémon will use it automatically and the game will not be constantly downloading data from the network .


From level five , players can participate in battles pokémon in the ‘Clubs’. Fight mode will depend on which team we belong ( red , blue or yellow ). We can challenge the leader gym if it is a different color than yours or, if equipment is shared, can play friendly matches or help leaders to defend and maintain their fitness.

The most important thing to succeed in combat is to have strong pokémon, with so many points Combat (PC) as we possibly can, which is achieved by giving stellar dust and candy. Before launching into the ring, we see our opponent PCs and evaluate our chances.

To master the method of fighting we have to use both types of attacks that each pokémon go hack, the physical attack and special attack . The first launches giving quick touches on the screen to impacting against the creature of our adversary, while the second style of fighting we have to charge the attack by holding down the screen, which will be much more effective but leave you vulnerable to our pokémon until not we shoot the coup. During combat you can also dodge attacks rival moving the finger.


Once you get used to its operation it will be much easier to establish a strategy that works for us. But there is a trick if we wish to wrest the gym the opposing team and become the new leaders.

Gyms work by prestige points , which are obtained every time a battle is won. If the counter is zero, the leader will lose the gym and would be coach-pokémon that has been made ​​with the útlima victory.

The gym leader can only leave a pokémon to defend you. This is pokémon can add other friends who want to help, reaching a total of four creatures. Who challenges, however, you can use up to six Pokémon on your computer. For this reason it is imperative that you choose to fight in a gym with few pokémon defend him and always taking into account your PC. Once you defeat any of the opponents, you’ve made in your path to leadership. Even if you lose, you can fight back and this time there will be an opponent less, thus repeating this process, you end up by becoming a leader.