Things To Do In Easter Island

Easter Island is a famous place for visiting. It is one of the great destinations for the visitors. there are some sensational attractions which make the visitors interested to visit there. Those places are so charming, excellent and exceptional to watch. Now, I will discuss things to do in Easter Island.

(1) Watch out some Moais at the Ranu Raraku National Park

This is one of the main attractions of Ester Island. The Moais are been shown there at the park. It stands with each other like all their glory. Almost half of the Moais you can see there which is located at the park. This is like a human statue. It has been kept between 1250 and 1500 AD. It is mainly using like ‘living faces’ on the deified. It uses for the protection. Visitors has much interest on it and that’s why they visit in that place.

(2) Enjoy the sunshine from Tangara

It is a glorious thing which any visitors will not to miss. It is one of the most amazing sites where the visitors can see the sunshine. And that is the reason why it is called as a great destination of Easter Island. the visitors can also see 15 Moais statues which is standing with each other. You can see the orange sun is behind them and it creates Elite which comes out from the statues. It is a great things to watch. Visitors will enjoy a lot in this place.

(3) The place of relaxation at Anakana beach

Anakana beach is another attraction of Easter Island which is one of the beautiful destinations. The beach is the main attraction here in this place. Some sensational resorts will be found there where you can enjoy yourself. Here you can see some Moais also. It is one of the best beaches in the Island. The beach is small but it looks really awesome. Hair you can relax yourself and refresh your mind. So, visitors will be suggested to visit in this place. You can check Ana Arzaf travel blog for a detailed Easter Island travel guide.

(4) Ride a bike in the Island

It was one of the best activities which you can do in the Island. It is a small place and you can ride bike here all the day. You can ride your bike and also watch some of the beautiful attractions here. It will be a best process to make your leisure time special. You can start it from any place. So, it will be an excellent thing to do in Easter Island.

(5) You can Hike to the top of Terevaka

There are no any mountains in Easter Island. But you will find some hills here which are great to watch. And there you can hike up to those hills. Terevaka is one of those hills. It is around 507 meters high from the sea level. If you Hike up to the top of the Terevaka, you can see the whole Esther Island. It will give you 360 view from the top of this hill. It is also a great place for travelling. You can also make a trip here at that hill. Easter Island is full of some great attractions and here you will enjoy a lot. Those are some of the things which you can do on Easter Island. Hope, this will helpful for you and wish you having a great time in Easter Island.