A Guide to Create More Interesting and Creative Content for Your Blog

Blogging has been one of the most popular activities in the internet and it will not change anytime soon. Even though social media are more prominent nowadays, people will always have time to write long blog posts.

There is something very special about writing a long blog post where you can share the details of your travelling activity, your favorite food, or simply share some tips to the people who have the same hobbies as you. Furthermore, lately many businesses also use blog as a part of their content marketing strategy and it has been proven that good blog posts help businesses increase their brand awareness, traffic and also sales.

No matter what kind of posts you want to share on your blog, you can’t deny the fact that the blogging world has rapidly transformed. Five years ago, you can get plenty of readers with simply writing on Wordpress. But now, you need to do more if you want the world to read what you post. To make sure you will not missing out on anything, here are some tips to bring your blogging experience one step forward.

Choose Your Platform

The key to successful blogging is to choose a platform that is easy to use and also suit your needs. When it comes to user friendly features, Wordpress wins because you can easily embed external links and install widgets that make blogging easier.

But if you aspire to make your blog looks like a real magazine, Flipboard is the best platform you can choose. Flipboard actually looks more like curation tool instead of traditional blogging platform. However, in addition to collecting many interesting links, you can also post your own content, make your own magazine and share your creation. The simple application also makes everything even more fun.

Furthermore, you also will need an identity but a simple about me page on your blog will not be enough. You need a special page outside the blog that can tell you who you are, something like About.me. Those kinds of sites will give you a domain where the purpose is solely to introduce who you are. It looks more professional and certainly will help your blog gain more visitors.

Content Curation

Content curation is one of the most important things in blogging and content marketing nowadays. It is an activity where you look for and collect the best posts in the internet, and then you sort and arrange them into a specific theme. One of the most popular content curation platforms that has so many users Pinterest. This platform has become a perfect place for people to share information as well as advertising products in the most subtle way.

Content curation is an inseparable part of blogging because the links you collect into a specific theme actually can support the content that you write on your blog. Let’s take a look at bagtheweb for example. These platforms allow you to make a list that contains useful links to the users of the platform and you can also embed the list on your blog. You can build a reputation by making lists on a certain topic and it can help putting your blog on the map for people who want to find more information about that specific topic.

There are plenty of content curation platforms and each has its own expertise. If you want to find something eye catching to post in Pinterest, you can go to pearltrees. But if you want to focus more on digital marketing, Scoop.it can be a great idea. People also prefer to see a blog post with bullets. It is just easier to read and looks more organized. It contributes in the popularity of content curation platforms. Scoop.it even takes pride from this feature.

There is something that cannot be separated from content curation activity. It is the information gathering process. If you want to find interesting news about current events, Digg is the nice place to hunt some great links for your lists. But actually, your option is unlimited. You can even go to Myspace to find some nice information. Yes, back in the days, Myspace is a very popular social media and it is also a popular platform to scout talents for the entertainment industry. Even though it is not that relevant anymore as a social networking service, Myspace has plenty of entertainment news that will be beneficial for your blog.

Content curation platform indeed can help your blog gets more recognition. However, its purpose is not limited to that only. You can also ask the people to contribute new links to your lists. That is a great way to communicate with your readers.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel like sharing your lists, you can keep it personal as well. There is no obligation to share your lists for the whole world to see. If you prefer to keep your link collections for yourself, you can try Instapaper. It is a nice content curation platform that can be easily accessed from all your devices. It feels like your own personal bookmarking service to help you keep your favorite sites within your reach.

One Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Let’s face the fact. People are always more interested with strong visuals. This is why you must always include an image or two in your blog post. Not only because it makes the post more attractive, it also can help telling the story you want to convey more easily. Furthermore, studies have shown that people in the internet deem a blog post that only contains text boring.

As a matter of fact, it is perfectly okay to create a post that contains only picture or gif without any texts at all. There are many people who enjoy visuals better and they specially go to the internet to find a picture or meme that can entertain them.

In this case, you also need to spread your wings into image sharing platform like imgur. People who want to look for pictures will not go to a blog. Instead, they will visit an image sharing platform. The best thing about images is it is easier to go viral than a long blog post. People can share your image to social media and you can also embed the link of the image that you post on the image sharing platform to your blog. As a result, your blog can easily get more coverage.

Get It Out There

Blog might be the place where you can freely share your thoughts, but social media is the one that will get the people to visit your blog. People flock in Twitter all the time so sharing your blog post to that platform is a must.

Don’t forget to find out where your potential readers are usually gathered. If you post something that Russian speaking readers will like, then VK is certainly the best social media to share your post. If you target readers in the Mainland China, posting in Twitter or Facebook will be useless and you should consider Weibo instead.

There are certainly so many things you need to do to get more readers for your blog. But using those platforms actually make blogging more fun and make your content better so you definitely should try them out.