Pokémon Go: The best tips and tricks

Pokémon Go is now available for a few weeks and millions have been infected by the Pokémon fever. But over time, the game becomes more difficult, but we have here some tips and tricks for you.

In our Pokemon Go hacks Concept Product We have explained to you how the game works in the Broad and you to get started. For those who have already started with the game Pokemon Go, we keep the best “legal codes” - read tips and tricks - in this article ready. Pokémon Go: The best tips and tricks - let slip eggs

In Pokémon Go can not only catch and evolve Pokémon, but is also rewarded for running around with his smartphone by “contributes to” eggs and brings to hatch after a certain time. The eggs, which hatch Pokémon, you get along with other useful items such as Poké Balls, Belebern and potions to Pokéstops.The game distinguishes between 2-, 5- and 10-km-eggs; slip at low distances 2-5 kilometers ordinary Pokémon while rare Pokémon show at 10km eggs themselves. For me personally a Magmar, Scyther and Onix have already hatched.

But you should not unsubscribe his first 10km egg directly, but wait until the player level is reached by at least 15th My Onix he hatched unfortunately too early (Level 11), so it had a 265 WP. My Magmar has in a player level of 17 already 853 WP and Scyther at level 19 a WP of 950 of its own level is higher, the higher the WP (race points) of hatched Pokémon, as well as of the monsters that you start on the road , For hatching eggs Incubators are needed that can be available for purchase either in Pokéshop or replaced with the level up. A standard incubator can be used indefinitely, all other may hatch three eggs until they disappear from the item list. Here is an overview for you, what can hatch from the eggs in the respective distances:

Fast Levels: So will you Pokémon Go Master

Initially, it is easy to level up, but this is changing fast: the latest with level 10 the game is much more demanding. Various actions you get in the game experience points (EP), as Catching example for, fighting and developing and using Pokémon, visiting Pokéstops and hatching eggs.With a special trick climbing the steps is significantly simplified. But one simply uses a lucky egg. The first is obtained already at level 9. When you open the lucky egg, you get 30 minutes twice the experience points than usual for all actions. Especially recommended is therefore to be seen with the further development of Pokémon and to do so only after activating a fortune-ice. Especially recommended are also Taubsis, Hornlius and Raupys - because only 12 candies are (one usually gets three candies per caught Pokémon) to develop these. Even more rewarding are further developments of Pokémon that it has not yet. Because you get the lucky egg all 2,000 experience points per advancement.

Recommended activation of happiness ice is also when standing during the 30-minute addition to a Pokéstop with an active Lockmodul, so you earned in addition to the visit of Pokéstops, including through the capture of Pokemon go hacks addition EPs. Of course, the described here tips for the level up in Pokémon Go can also be combined.

Pokemon Go hacks- Tricks: Fighting in the arena

From Level 5 is allowed to enter, fight and defend arenas. The arenas indicate who currently calls the shots around. In Pokémon Go one decides when first entering the arena for one of the three teams:

*Team Red (Valour) *Team Blue (Wisdom) *Team Money (intuition)

Mostly light the arenas in one color and can be combated or strengthened depending on the color. When opening the arena screen you recognize the following information:

This information is essential to assess their own strength and possibly go a losing battle out of the way. With the rise of the Arena levels it is also difficult to conquer alone an arena. When Fighting a hostile arena one imagines a deck of six Pokémon, which is to compete against the opponent. It is very important that one should cover the relevant types besides the strongest Pokémon. For example, if the arena is equipped with water-type Pokémon (Gyarados or Aquana), you should not compete with a Fire-type, but prefer to use a plant-type Pokémon (Tangela or Gloom). The effectiveness of one type can be seen in the fight, with comments such as “very effective” or “not very effective”. To help this table can be used:

In the battle you have the opportunity to avoid (by swipe to the right or left), which is particularly helpful when special attacks of the enemy. There are also two attacks, once the base attack and special attack. In the base attack you have to tap on the screen, while only fill the blue bar to activate the special attack and then longer needs to tap on the display. Also there is the possibility that Pokémon to change or end the fight itself.However, Arena must not be taken in the first fight: Each combatting placed there Pokemon go hacks one weakens the arena level and can thus also take step by step. In addition, you should be quick if you have successfully fought in the arena, the Pokémon: Because from then the Arena is neutral and everyone who passes, could place a Pokémon and they take that.By the way: The higher the level of an arena, the more Pokémon can be placed in it and the harder it is natural for opponents, einzunehmmen it. The level increases her simply by her fight against the Pokémon used there in arenas of your color. This increase “Friendship fights” the arena level.

The best Pokémon Go Tips: Do Pokécoins

The official currency in Pokémon Go is Pokécoins. These are available as in-app purchase available and can be purchased for real money. Here you can buy various items or expand the space for items Pokémon. However, there is also the possibility to obtain Pokécoins by defending an arena.

In the arena you have to leave your Pokémon and open the shop screen. There in the upper right corner of a sign with a number is displayed. The number indicates how many arenas just occupied her. Pro occupied Arena you get 10 Pokécoins and 500 stardust. A counter indicates when one regains the reward for defending the arena. At most you can get the reward of 10 Pokémon per day, giving a total of 100 Pokécoins. In the shop you would for just pay one euro.

Pokémon Go-Cheats: fake GPS location

On the Internet, there are numerous manuals describing how to fake the GPS position (ie fake) can and thus also conveniently captures from which monsters in Pokémon Go. However this Pokémon Go-Cheat is for two reasons not recommended: Cheats are not in multiplayer games like Pokémon Go moral aspects recommended. But if you value your account dear, you should desist, to fake your GPS location in Pokémon Go. Whoever is caught, his collected Pokémon including account is going on and must start again.

Pokémon Go Plus: Legal “cheating”

Niantic and Pokémon Co. have left it not only an app, but also want to make a special accessory for sales. In addition to the app and the smart band Pokémon Go Plus is available, which will replace the Staring at the screen. The smart band connects you via Bluetooth to your smartphone and it signaled by light and vibration signals Pokéstops and Pokémon nearby.

Here it can be searched for items, which are then added to the inventory at a Pokéstop close by pressing the button. If a Pokémon appears (only for Pokémon that are registered in the Pokédex) you can catch this by pressing the button. Success will then also be displayed by a light signal. Purchase can be the gadget for just under 40 euros via the Nintendo Store - the delivery is to take place until 30 September.

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