Many people who dream to have a proportional weight. Various exercises and physical activities have been undertaken in order to achieve that dream without taking account of age, physical fitness, food, and so on.

how to lose weight badanOlahraga strenuous and muscle such as fitness routine. Even the conversation light as jogging is also a compulsory menu daily to lose weight is maintained. To lose weight actually does have a variety of ways all of which are effective as long as it is consistent in doing so.

As part of the exercise and also meditation, yoga burn also believed to be able to lose weight in a way that is faster than aerobics. Although calories burned while jogging or aerobics than yoga is not the same, but the exercise centered on the mind and soul of the processing is able to maintain an ideal body shape through the practice of concentration. Why is that? Because with routine practice, automatically they akanmemberbaiki his diet. Moreover, yoga can also help a person reduce the level of psychological disorders such as stress, depression or burnout. Some people are depressed soul, either because of work, family affairs, business or otherwise, tend to compensation in the form of excessive food consumption. Used to do yoga means used to also manage the mind so as to avoid the stress.

Various poses in yoga also encourages people to always keep his diet, which affects the stability of the weight. For example to burn belly fat can pose Paschimottanasana. The movement is much like kissing knee, only requires tools such as flat wooden beams that purpose so that the feet can be propped up. Then there was the tree pose, which is also very effective in reducing body weight. To be able to perform this movement to the maximum, then the stomach should be in a discharged condition (not eating). The trick is very simple, namely by taking a standing position and then lift one leg up and bend it so stick to the other leg. After the hand is raised to the top of the head.