What is a 3D pen? The name is quite evocative and gives you the promise of 3D drawing by depositing molten plastic. We will immediately put things in focus: who says melt plastic necessarily says a heating body at the end of the pen. That’s why I often see that it’s not a toy. On this, I would say that a pyrography kit sold in stores is not a toy either. It is a device with which it is necessary to pay attention, of course, but which remains really accessible to a child and less dangerous than this famous kit of pyrography. The overall operation of a 3D pen is quite simplistic: the filament is wedged between a ball bearing and a drive wheel driven by a motor. The filament is guided to the nozzle by a tube. In contact with the nozzle, heated by a resistor, the plastic melts. The latter exits through the nozzle to a prescribed diameter much lower than that of the filament. The plastic output is therefore quite thin and it hardens very quickly in contact with the ambient air. working of a 3d pen How does a 3D pen work? A 3D pen not only allows you to draw in 3D, but also to write in 3D. Its operating principle is similar to that of a 3D printer. With this pen, you can draw either bas-reliefs like, for example, write his name, or 3D volumes like, for example, a house. Two types of technologies are used in these pens namely FDM (Deposition of Melts) technology and SLA (Stereolithography Apparatus) technology. Draw in 3D

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