FIFA 17 will meet us soon, numerous FIFA 16 players have pre-requested FIFA 17. As an old FIFA player, would you say you are get prepared of the development to FIFA 17? Then again never thoroughly considered what’s conveyed from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team? In the event that despite everything you are asking “Will I have the capacity to exchange my FIFA focuses, FIFA Coins and players to FIFA 17 from FUT 16? What would I be able to convey to FUT 17 ?” Read our aides beneath plainly, it will bail you out.

No matters in the event that you are a FUT 16 standard gamer or crisp to the amusement, stay aware of us as we clear things up. We’ll be presenting everything about the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team extending: what you’ll keep from the past amusement.


Which things you can and you can’t convey to FIFA 17 from FIFA 16?

These ARE Non-transferable to FUT 17 from FUT 16:

FIFA 16 Coins

In the event that you didn’t know coins can’t be exchanged to FUT 17, then you should be disillusioned. Besides purchasing cards won’t help since they can’t be exchanged too. The most ideal approach to spend the FIFA Coins possibly is offer them to somebody you know who won’t play FIFA 17. Furthermore, when you require FIFA 17 Coins, the speediest and least expensive way is going to purchase FIFA Coins on FIFACOINSGO.COM.

FIFA 16 Cards

None of the cards you right now have in your club even a TOTY Mess will be exchanged to FUT 17: not the players, staff, consumables or even your club things.

EASFC Catalog Items

The EASFC Catalog is a sort of a store where players can trade FC Credits for many things. For Ultimate Team it’s conceivable to build the objectives and exchange records, get coin rewards, change the club’s name, increment the most extreme number of squads, get players on advance, and even purchase “super” 99 contracts for your players. Since this inventory changes from FIFA to FIFA, you won’t have the capacity to bring things you acquired on past diversions. In any case, don’t stress. You will have the capacity to reclaim the things of the new index the length of you have enough Football credits to purchase them.

Match History

Your Wins/Draws/Losses history will be lost when you quit playing FIFA 16. It won’t tally towards FIFA 17. Also, regardless of the fact that you choose to continue playing it, EA will put a conclusion to it in under 2 years since they’d simply rather not continue burning through cash on servers few individuals will playing at. So on the off chance that you need to recall your amazing deed, better simply go take a screenshot then! and fifa 17 coin generator xbox 360 will generate unlimited fifa 17 coins in fifa 17 to the penultimate goal with ronaldos and messi

Current Division

All your Current Division in FUT 16 will be clear. In the event that you think you’ll simply mortify your adversaries, simply overlook it. Everybody begins at division 10: the great and the terrible players.


You will lose all your competition and season titles in the event that you begin another FIFA. With the exception of the way that you haven’t done anything incorrectly.

Xbox Achievements or PSN Trophies

New diversion, new accomplishments/trophies. Accomplishing goals that every console gifts you won’t be identified with FIFA 17, normally, on the grounds that they’re particular for every diversion.Yes you can have free fifa 17 coins to get free fut coins in your account to boost your performance in fifa 17

These ARE Transferable to FUT 17 from FUT 16:

Built up Date

This one is self-evident: whether you are a FUT Founder or your club was built up this time a year ago, your set up date will continue as before in FIFA 17. There are numerous gripes about built up dates, so if your date wasn’t right in FUT 16, it will at present not be right in FUT 17. There are things that never show signs of change.

XP Level

XP leveling is a framework that a measures how experienced you are in the FIFA universe. Each time you procure XP, you progressively develop your leveling bar until you achieve another level. When you open a level, you’ll never lose it inside your record. It doesn’t make a difference the amusement mode, stage or the diversion all alone, essentially you’re going to keep up on FIFA 17 the XP you have at the time. You can even do a reversal to FIFA 16 and still gain XP. It’s appeared on the unrivaled right corner of the screen, set beneath your ID. Keeping up your XP will give you some favorable position over the apprentices since you’ll have admittance to a few EASFC Catalog things they don’t.

Football Club Credits

FC Credits (Football Club Credits; FCC) is the coin utilized on EA Sports Football Club. Works precisely like the XP, being connected to your Origin account and not straightforwardly identified with the FIFA you’re playing. It’s fundamentally used to buy EASFC Catalog things and it’s indicated instantly before the XP. Bear in mind to spare a couple FCC to buy coin support things toward the begin of FUT 17.

FUT Club Name

You will get the alternative to keep or change your FUT Club Name. On the off chance that you alter your opinion part of the way through FIFA 17, we’re expecting you can finish a supervisor errand or utilize a one-time list thing.

FIFA Points

FIFA Points are an other to coins that are utilized to buy FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts. In the event that you don’t plan to spend all your FIFA Points on FUT 16, you can exchange them to FUT 17. You can even purchase some before the end of FUT 16 so you can use in the FUT 17 discharged date, since it won’t be available amid the FIFA 17 Web App Webstart period. Be that as it may, this is a one-time exchange, so you must be watchful when you begin the amusement interestingly. In the event that you have an EA or Origin Access participation, you have the capacity to make the exchange amid early get to. FIFA Points must be shared between same consoles, so in the event that you purchase them on Xbox One you can’t utilize them on Xbox 360 and in the event that you purchase them on PS4 you can’t utilize them on PS3.